Wolf Creek Blend

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Wolf Creek Blend is our breakfast blend style coffee.  Unlike many "breakfast blends" out there, which are comprised of unknown, and likely low-quality beans, we believe in only using single-origin beans so that we can tell our customers what their buying.  This blend is a 50-50 mix of our dark roasted Colombian Timana and our lighter roasted Zambia Mafinga Hills.

This cup has a dark and rich, full-bodied flavor from the dark Colombian beans while still providing an undertone of sweet flavor from the Zambian light roast.  In other words, the perfect companion to that Saturday breakfast omelet, or Sunday morning cinnamon rolls.

We named it after our favorite camping spot on Wolf Creek, in Monroe County, West Virginia.  Wolf Creek was one of the earliest areas settled in the Greenbrier Valley.  It runs through a beautiful small valley, finally emptying into the Greenbrier River near Alderson, West Virginia.

Size: 8 ounces (227 grams) or 1 pound (454 grams).  Choose when adding to the cart.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Fresh batch of Wolf Creek blend