Build Your Own Roast (month supply of coffee)

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1.  Choose your type of green coffee.

2.  Select your preferred roast level.

3.  Choose Whole Bean, or your grind type.

3.  Receive 4 pounds of fresh custom-roasted coffee, or approximately a months supply of custom-roasted gourmet coffee, roasted to your specifications.  Supply friends and family, or just drink it all yourself.

4. Save $

Natural Flavors Found in Each Coffee:

Columbia Timana: cherry, peaches, nectarine

Zambia Mafinga Hills: green apple, pear, cherry

Kenya Kigutha: plum, red wine, blackberry

Ethiopia Harrar Hambela: peaches, lavender, chocolate

Brazil Alta Mogiano: chocolate, nutty

Guatamala Huehuetenango: cocoa, chocolate, citrus, floral