Zambia Mafinga Hills Coffee

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This is a delicious Zambia AAA/AA grade Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from the Kateshi Estate and Isanya Estate located in the Mafinga Hills subregion of Zambia's Northern Province.  The harvest just recently arrived in the U.S.

Coffee grown on the estate is between 1,340 and 1,400 masl. Isanya Estate is comprised of 1,600 hectares and ranges from 1500-1600 masl. Coffee from both estates are milled at Kateshi and blended to create this delicious coffee.  

This particular lot of coffee was scored as a "top lot," and consists of the highest scoring beans in the harvest.  These are washed process beans, processed at the Kateshi wet mill.

Tasting Notes:

Zambian coffee from this region tastes very much like the best Kenyan coffees, and are quickly gaining a reputation as being some of the best African coffees.  This is a great coffee to try to learn what African coffee is all about.  Coffee with flavor - yet it still gives you the rich-body you want to wake you up in the morning.

Green Apple, Pear, Cherry

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance Certified

Size12 ounces

Grind: due to being a logistical PITA to do otherwise, all orders will be ground to an ordinary drip grind.