Squat Rack Blend (Dark and Bold Roast)

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Squat Rack Blend is a blend of two single-origin coffee beans, each dark roasted separately, and then combined into a rich, smooth, and bold combination which will wake you up and get you ready to seize the day.

Perfect for that moment when you're not quite awake, but you realize that in about 20 minutes you're going to have some heavy weight on your shoulders.  


Dark, Bold Roasted Strong Coffee.



Coffee Beans included in the blend:

Brazil Alta Mogiana.  Grown at around 4,000 feet.  They have a chocolatey and nutty taste.

Guatemala Huehuetenango.  Grown from 1,600-1,700 meters, they are washed and sun-dried.  They have a floral and citrus flavor.  Full body and pleasant acidity.  Roasted dark, they bring out a cocoa and bittersweet chocolate taste.

Together, these beans are smooth and tasty, yet they may put hair on your chest.

Size: 8 ounces (227 grams) or 1 pound (454 grams).  Choose when adding to the cart.