Ethiopia Harrar Hambela (Light to Medium Roast)

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The Hambela Estate is a privately owned farm on the border of the Harrar region in Ethiopia.  It is a natural processed coffee.

The Hambela Estate enriches the community by creating jobs, sponsoring schools, sponsoring medical programs, and educating and helping other local farmers.  They have been growing coffee since the 1940's and have won several awards and nods of recognition along the way. 

Harrar coffees are generally natural process coffees like this one.  This dry processed lot is Grade 1 which is the highest grade offered for natural processed Ethiopians. 

The body is medium and the acidity seems to come out more depending on brewing method.  It has a lot of sweetness with a clean aftertaste and is a classic beautiful Harrar bean.

This is an expensive Ethiopian, and this is due to it being a well known estate, as well as being Grade 1 natural processed coffee which involves a lot of labor in sorting and processing. 


Region:  Harrar, Ethiopia

Roast Level: light

Flavor Profile:

Peach / Pear

Floral (Lavender)


Size: 8 oz (227 grams) or 1 Pound (454 grams)