Colombian Timaná Coffee

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This is a Colombian Excelso grade coffee from the Timaná subregion of Huila.  This particular crop has been scored by professional tasters as being a "Top Lot." Timaná is located in between the two main branches of the Colombian Andes which provides excellent weather patterns for growing coffee.  

Timana is a small town in the south of Colombia, and is famous for the quality of its coffee.  Built by Spanish Conquistadors in 1538, it retains its historic charm and atmosphere. Coffee here is grown from 1,731 meters, up to 1,829 meters, in the crisp air of the Colombian Andes.

Most farms in Timana are planted in the Caturra variety of coffee.  Processing is done mostly on-site with hand-crank pulpers, and the coffee is dried on raised parabolic beds.

This is an exceptionally smooth and flavorful Colombian coffee, which just may change the way you view Colombian coffee.  

One of the beauties of this coffee bean is that it tastes great both as a medium roast and as a dark roast.

Tasting Notes:

Cherry, Peach, Nectarine

Size: 12 ounces